Football New Brunswick Adds Complete Concussions to its High Performance Programs

Moncton, New Brunswick – Football New Brunswick (FNB) will be adding a new concussion management tool to its already extensive high performance concussion management processes. Complete Concussions is an evidence-based concussion care and management network of specialists, clinics, and providers from all across the world. They offer a best in class approach to concussion care and work with local participating clinics to enhance their concussion management processes. FNB has partnered with Sparx Wellness Institute (Sparx) in Dieppe who specialize in using the Complete Concussions platform.

Through the Complete Concussions program, Sparx will work with all high performance athletes from the pre injury baseline testing, to treatment and rehabilitation. This will be accomplished by working directly with our team athletic therapists, and with athletes local primary care physicians to co-manage concussions and ensure all steps are being taken for proper concussion management and tracking.

All athletes progress will be tracked through the Complete Concussions Concussion Tracker App which can be downloaded by parents, coaches and medical staff so everyone is aligned and knows exactly where an athlete is in regards to the Return to Play Protocol. This will ensure no athletes are ever put at risk of being put back on the field before they are recovered.

“Providing our athletes access to baseline and return to sport testing in partnership with Complete Concussions will further improve the care we can provide; assisting in proper concussion management and safe return to football.” Says Gillian Gilmore, Football NB’s head therapist.
“As a physiotherapist, I am excited to continue to work with companies like Complete Concussions that provide athletes, coaches, associations as well as health care professionals with the latest technologies to continue to improve the management of concussions and player safety” says Leon DesRoches, Physiotherapist at Sparx Wellness Institute.

“We understand how important it is to properly manage and treat concussions. We are excited to be able to partner with professionals in the field who can support Football New Brunswick in our mission to make the sport safe for all who participate” says Josh Harris, Executive Director, Football NB.

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