Long Time Service
Award Recipients

Football New Brunswick periodically honors those who have made “significant” long time (15 years) contribution  in either coaching, officiating or building the game of football.

2023 Award Recipients
Andrew Bubar, Moncton, Official
Wray Dunn, Moncton, Official
Scott McNamee, Saint John, Builder/Coach
Paul Mollins, Fredericton/Moncton, Official
2022 Award Recipients
Ian McIntyre, Sackville, Coach
2019 Award Recipients
Steve Drisdelle, Fredericton, Coach
Scott O’Neal, Sackville, Coach
Rob Weir, Moncton, Coach
2018 Award Recipients
OJ Burnett, Fredericton, Coach
Leonard Gervais, Fredericton, Coach
Todd Shepherd, Saint John, Official/Coach
Vince Sturgeon, Fredericton, Coach
2017 Award Recipients
Tracey Barker, Simonds, coach
Michele Coleman, Fredericton, official/builder
Steve Corscadden, Saint John, coach
Lisa Harlow, Saint John, coach, official, builder
Leo Richard, Saint John, Official
2016 Award Recipents
No Award Given
2015 Award Recipients
Andrew Allaby, Fredericton, coach
Jeff Taylor, Fredericton, coach  
2014 Award Recipients
Dave Grandy, Saint John, coach
Eric Sabean, Saint John, builder
2013 Award Recipients
Darcy Barker, Saint John, coach
Robert Vautour, Moncton, coach
2012 Award Recipients
Dave Blanchard, Oromocto, coach/builder
Rob Wilson, Oromocto, coach
Mike Casey, Fredericton, coach