Safe Sport

Football Canada Safe Sport Training Requirement

The Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport calls for all sporting environments to be free from physical, sexual and psychological abuse.
The NCCP Safe Sport Training module or Respect in Sport align with those values.
Delivery of mandatory training on harassment and abuse to athletes, coaches, officials, athlete support personnel, employees, contractual workers, administrators, and volunteers affiliated with the organization.

Everyone has the right to participate in sport in a safe, supportive environment that benefits the emotional, social, and physical well being of all involved. This is not limited just to the athletes, but includes parents, coaches, officiates, volunteers, and audience members too. We all want to enjoy the sports we love, and that means Safe Sport is a shared responsibility. 

Football New Brunswick has a zero tolerance policy on abuse of any kind. If you suspect these Safe Sport rules are being neglected at any point and would like to know your next steps, The Canadian Sport Helpline can provide you with trusted, third-party guidance and advice.


Safe Sport training is mandatory for all coaches, managers, administrators and officials. This training can be completed for free HERE

In New Brunswick all members are required to complete Safe Sport Training no later then September 15, 2022. Failure to do so will result in your removal from participation in any Football NB sanctioned events until the training has been completed.


The helpline offers support to victims and witnesses of harassment, abuse and discrimination. This is an anonymous, confidential, and independent service that is available for all members of Football New Brunswick whether they are involved at the national, provincial, or local level.