Get Evaluated

Evaluations are the final step required to become a certified coach in a designated module


From introduction to competition

  • Complete Intro to Comp and a Position
  • Request to Football NB to be evaluated
  • Football NB will schedule a meeting that is convenient to you
  • Complete your workbook
  • Be briefed by evaluator, schedule a date
  • Complete Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • Complete practice plan
  • Recall at least 3 symptoms for concussions
  • Recall 6 steps to return to play after a concussion
  • Complete safe tackle demo and analyze in practice
  • Coach a position skill  for run and pass
  • Evaluator debriefs the coach
  • Evaluator complete paperwork
  • NCCP admin staff enters the data in the Locker

Evaluations from start to finish cumulatively take about 4 hours to complete

How to get evaluated

To arrange an evaluation please contact Jon Wilkinson, Director of Football Operations at [email protected]