Nick Murray Hired to Lead Football Growth

March 29, 2023

Moncton, NB – Football New Brunswick (FNB) is excited to announce the hiring of Nick Murray for the position of Manager of Football Development. In this newly created role Murray will lead FNB in several key growth initiatives including flag football, official development, women and girls and underrepresented populations.

The need for someone focussed on these areas exclusively is going to really allow football to grow throughout the entire province says Josh Harris, Executive Director of Football New Brunswick, “adding someone who can 100% focus on new initiatives and growth strategies will allow us to become a leading sport Province wide and not just in the three main cities.”

Murray is well known around the football community and will transition perfectly into this role as he’s experienced a lot of the programs we want to grow. He is familiar with 6 a side football, having coached in the Atlantic Bowl and is the current Head Coach of the U18 Women’s Provincial Team. The potential for girls football is something Murray makes very clear every day.

Nick will begin his career at FNB on April 11th and is excited to get to work in a sport he loves and can’t wait to see the direction FNB is heading with this new position, “I am chomping on my mouthguard to get started. The aim of Football NB to grow a sport I love just meshed, with my personal vision and values. Through flag, touch, and the various forms of tackle, I truly believe there is an avenue for anyone to play. From an inclusion perspective, I see major growth opportunities in the born female, underrepresented populations, and newcomer demographics just to start. My goal is to really tackle, the growth process with a Harbaugh style enthusiasm unknown to mankind to ensure that we have a sport that caters to an entire province.”